The Breath of Truth said through Christ:

I am the Truth, the Way And I am Life.

All religions ( Yes, All ) are founded by Thieves, Robbers and Murderers.

Hereby My Sheep will know My Voice:

I made the Ultimate Sacrifice by laying down my life for my Sheep, for them to become Righteous and to have life in Abundance...

And The World shall See Him, whom they Pierced and Condemned, and all nations will mourn, for the Lord is Righteous and His Judgement is Due...

In Search of Empowerment...?

Look Down Here... 

On this website you will be initiated into the ancient and hidden Magical science of Natural Law.

It is the very advanced Scientific equivalent of Common Sense Knowledge.

 This knowledge is harsh to hear but when spiritually worked through and fully accepted, it tastes sweet.


Why should you want this Knowledge...?

Below the line I'll explain the teachings potential...


The name 

Www.ChristwasanAtheist.com is an old name.


It is possible to hold 2 visions on Christ.

The first is the most known:

That teaches: He was Real.

The Second vision teaches:

He never existed.


 It is okay to disagree because there are 2 visions and i think none of them are actually proven...

I believe None of them;

I also Reject None of them...

They are Options...

So, What's Natural Law...?


Natural Law to me is the Science of Righteousness.

It trains you to be a Spiritual Warrior against Injustice.


 Its not an Easy path, its serious business.



This Teaching is about: 



It IS NOT ABOUT Gods, Aliens, Systems of Control or Spiritual Slavery, although these subjects will pass through sooner or later.




Remember that...


This Teaching will shatter Fake ass forms of Politics, Fake forms of  Religion, Fake ass Institutional "Science" and bad forms of New Age Philosophy.


It destroys Fake Christianity, threathens evil Political Forces, Dismantles Darkness and it destroys Personal ( Spiritual ) Slavery.


Its NOT for those who want to LIE To ThemSelves...

And it requires TIME and Discernment.


It is NOT for the Faint Hearted and not for those who work from 9 to 5...


Its for those who love both Themselves and their Neighbours Enough to 

Initiate themselves into and finish whats Called:


"The Great Work".


Or the work of Healing the Mind 

and later on Society of:

a diseased spiritual infection and its negative consequences...


This infection is called:

BULLSHIT and its Karma.

 Yes: Bullshit has Consequences!



Be Ware; 

Many people have lost their minds or ability to reason when

studying this material with Fraudulent Teachers.


Without Mark Passios teachings its higly probable this will happen to you, because hidden forces seek to confuse you with false knowledge...


Use Discernment and Test what the man says, because he isn't always Right.


Therefore after watching his Natural Law Seminar entirely, trust your Gut Instinct and Don't be too Dogmatic and Harsh for yourself or others.


  Why do this? Because I know it will get most of you a lot of freedom...

And I know its Right.


Be advised...


This is Not for Slackers, so do the work...



Good Luck...😊😊😊


Test everything, including provided sources of material and Scripture, on this Website...


It may, in spite of great consideration,

contain some wrong information.


Just don't believe nor reject the info without testing it.

That is called Honesty...

The written materials and videos on all Pages form a story.

Follow the Story and get to Empowerment.

Islamic State has a Hidden team of Evil Sorcerers and Jihadists.

Their actions allready interfere with your everyday life.

All of You who can understand it, will need the following knowledge to survive Islamic State.


A brief Introduction into Hidden Sciences of Morality...

Training into The Hidden Sciences of Morality.

Level 1:

There's Something to Think about...

What many people overlook and why most of us get into trouble...

Elementary stuff, but most of us don't understand it...

Saying no to evil...

When you like, It might pay off to go to the menu and click on "Sister Sites".

There you will find more materials about Empowerment.

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