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So, What's Natural Law...?

Natural Law is a hidden Science of Behaviour and Choice.



What is it Used for?

Natural Law is a Science, meant to increase the awareness of the consequences and workings of proper choice in a modern world...


To the Student of Life, ( Male or Female ) 

This means The Awareness Of Choice is at

the foundation of Natural Law...:


We are learning to follow The Creed to be Aware of Reality, which is Truth, above anything...

And to be aware of our Neighbours as Ourselves.


Why would I study it?


Simply because it's right.

And we believe It's not wise to ignore this science.

No extra points, no condemnation.


Where can I find the Teaching?


On the first 3 pages upon this web site there is found a set of 11 Free Initiations into Natural Law...


Why do we believe it mostly is not wise to ignore this Teaching?


We feel like it might not be wise because this knowledge is the basis of knowing what consequences your future behaviours have upon a modern world. 


Most of us do not possess any proper knowledge on behaviour, which causes most of us to cause unintended ( or intended ) Spiritual Damage to ourselves or to our fellow people.


In early days up untill the 2000's, behaviour was understood by everyone....


Sadly because of the enormous complexity in todays world of technology, today there is a power differential between corporate forces and you.


You are likely to want this knowledge, because of its empowering ability to make positive changes in your own head, home, carreer, social media and other places.

In other words, it teaches you HOW to intuitively do the right thing in a various play of circumstances. 


The teacher on your Site seems to be angry at something and I do not like that kind of hate speech...


Its true.

The man is angry.

Sadly He is the only online teacher we could find, who properly explains this material.

Ignore His angry voice and His seemingly hateful attitude.

Instead, try and focus upon the big picture of the information He offers.

It is knowledge that offers a lot of freedom, and can be Quite interesting.

He might not be a pleasant teacher, we believe He still is a good one.


I believe The Occult is Bad or Nonsense, so why should I believe He is any different?


Here is Why We believe his Teaching is...


Mark is a hidden Scientist, who held the first lecture at the prestigious Yale University.

We also believe that Occultism is gravely misunderstood in over 90% of the world.


Why would I believe anything he says...?


You shouldn't...🤔🤔🤔


 The positive thing about Science:

you can test its mechanics...

So you can experiment with this science for yourself.


If you still remain sceptical, I would say:

Look at it.

And at least give the information an honest chance...


I don't understand...now what?


Thats okay, you may try to and fail...

Luckily You do not need to study this if you do not understand.

This science is not an obligation.

It's not about forcing yourself to understand, Its about increasing Personal Liberty.



if this happens, You are not dumb.

Some flunk maths, others flunk French, some flunk Natural Law.

Just go ahead and do something you are good at and like.


A brief Introduction into Hidden Sciences of Natural Law.

First Initiation into Natural Law.

There's Something to Think about...

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