Defense Against The Dark Arts 11: Detox

Mental Detox:

One Method...:


There are a Few rules to live by, when you sanitise your mind of all the crap.


1) Never Assume ANYTHING.

2) Never Reject ANYTHING.

3) Never Harm Yourself with Ideas.

4) Never Harm Others with Ideas.

5) NEVER, I repeat, NEVER Lie to yourself!

6) Keep a Journal from now on...


And 7) 

Detox your mind from Every Fixed Assumption according to this system.

Do you accept something for true?

Start to move yourself to an " I dont know ".

Do you Reject Something for False?

Do the Same.


Because all assumptions are Unknown 2b True or False.

Even Philosophy has ZERO effective strategies to decypher truth.

Science can however find out how things work.


Because not all "Science" is Science.

Natural law Is Science.

As you have tried, You can test its results.

So its something 2 go on...


However: Its science based upon the assumption that doing wrong is not allowed, which I agree with...

If you do not agree with it, well, lets say: you will create your own pain.

And fixing Everything Rigidly into ( Too Much ) Natural Law leaves not enough room for experience:

Sometimes one must be hurt in order to know whats right and whats not...

And some may never learn...

Let people find out for themselves when they reject after You explained them thoroughly twice...


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