Defense Against The Dark Arts 15: Conspiracy theories.

We all know them, these tin foil hat morons, jibbering about gods, aliens, bilderberg and eternal doom.

The Prophet Isaiah warned us for Fake News looong ago before Donald Trump did...( Sorry Donald )...

The character called Christ ( the Son of Man ) told Isaiah plainly:

Thy shalt NOT believe the conspiracy theories of the  People.

This advice is right for 99% of this data.

But another remark is ALSO appropriate right now:

Thy shalt NOT REJECT the Conspiracy theories of the Nation States and The West aswell.

Its just as Star Trek Deep Space 9.

In it, Captain Sisko says to the Ferengi man named Nog: Hear Everything, Believe Nothing.

( Rule of Aquisition nr. 190,  timestamp 4:32...

( Watch out though: most other rules are Garbage

😂😂😂 )

many theories turned out to be true...

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