Defense Against The Dark Arts 14: Persecution

 When there is persecution:

There are certain things you can do to minimise the risk of being hurt by own fault...


1) Destroy All electronic devices in locations you are doing things they arrest you for.

Why? All electronics are Wired...!!!

People can hear you through every sound device and hear and see you through every screen ( phone, tablet, computer, tv ).

2) Dont interfere with people being attacked, unless you are stronger than the attacker.

This can have consequences and its none of your business.

3) Never interfere with army or police, when they Persecute others.

They are stronger than you.

When they are persecuting innocent people, its also wise to minimise contact with them.

4) when people are strict and abusive, and of the other team: ( like Dolores Umbridge ):

A) Minimise contact with these types.

B) Bully them in secret:

Destroy things of them, make things disappear, pull pranks on them everytime they deliberately harmed you.

But dont let anyone know its you who did it...

Be creative: think like Kevin, from Home Alone...

5) tell the truth, aslong as it does not damage you, your friends or people who are in trouble.

6) Put up a secret place where honest people can meet.

Something Like Dumbledores army.. .:


It gives you:

breathing time.

positive experiences.

A think tank (a  group of people who help eachother ) 

Also you can train together to defend yourself.


It must be a place and time where they preferably

cannot bust you...

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