Defense Against the Dark Arts 5:

Heaven, Hell and Freedom...

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All religions have rules in order for you to earn heaven...



The Jew wants U to keep the 10 ( actually 613 ) commandments in the Torah, in order to become Righteous.


the Fake Ass Christian wants You to obey the bible, the old and new testament, no matter if its Right of Wrong to perform these actions.

( Deuteronomy 27:26, Creative Translation ) : Game over is he, who doesnt do ALL the verses in this book.


And the Muslim expects u to follow Qur'an.

Many other religions have tons of rules which tell you what to do.


The problem with the Israeli religion of Judaism, is that no one ever keeps the 10 commandments on a Spiritual level.

And as an Atheist, a Natural Law Anarchist and a follower of Christ, i believe that I have come to justly realise that the God of Moses is Satan:


I believe 99% of churchgoing Christians have their theology mixed up, by making a toxic cocktail of old and new testament.


The qur'an claims the Muslim is a slave to Allah, and Slavery is WRONG.


The fact no one can earn their way into heaven is a problem to most people who are religious, but to The Atheist it is Freedom.

If we cannot earn Heaven, why try to in the first place?

If hell is our fate to begin with, why follow god?


The problem with this reasoning, at least within my conviction of natural law is, there is no hell or heaven to begin with.


If there is a Judgement, its caused by Stupidity.

If there is Hell, its being surrounded by Assholes like Islamic State.

And if there is a Heaven, its being surrounded by people with common sense skills, who deliberately choose the right actions over wrong actions and love you as you are.


Who accept your naivete, ignoreance and fears causing Harm to people around you...and instead of snapping at you, train and help you...


The problem with the "Heaven/ Hell" mentality is its Childish.

The character called God to most believers is a poor surrogate parent, and an Abusive one, that is...


Hell is punishment.

Heaven is Reward.

And adults don't fear nor chase after either of these 2 things.


Furthermore, its Absolving RESPONSIBILITY to a deity or guru, who can then decide your choices for you.


No one has the right to threathen u to do something that is wrong.

And no one has the right to tell u you should not do whats right.


Thats called SLAVERY, because you are an Adult!


And as we PREVIOUSLY Explained: Slavery is WRONG!

Its an abusive relationship, a state of FEAR towards your Thug imaginary God or human "owner" who can kill you at a whim.

There is no safety in that, just fear, danger and slavery...


I think the right theory about Christ is unknown to me, 

As it is to you.


I Dont believe anything, nor do I Reject Anything.


Choose your beliefs wisely, because Love, Freedom and happiness are intertwined with the gospel, which is that we have only one life, that crime and religion are not in our best interest, freedom is the most important thing and that death is not an enemy...


Now you can become a spiritually grown human being who makes his or her own choices, fixed into Intuition and Natural Law, and know yourself deeply.

And so become a free and succesful person, without worrying about  deities or peoples judgements. 

And that is a reward in its own.


Good luck...

ExtrEmely Simple:

Worship is an activity 4 Brown Noses.

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