Defense Against The Dark Arts 6; The Golden Rule...


Some may have noticed this problem themselves:

The Exoteric Golden Rule to me feels uncomfortable and doesnt seem to work when applied to social situations.


It is important to realise that the Golden Rule is an Exoteric system, meant for the not so educated Masses.

It states:

"Love your neighbour as you love yourself..."

So what is Love?

I like to argue its synonymous to Conciousness and Awareness.

To me it means: :"To Be Conscious of Your Neighbours as of Yourselves."


Another "Golden Rule" is:

Do not do unto others as you do not want to be done to yourself.


Dark Occultists often slip little mistakes into translations of occult Books, so people who have good intentions, will get stuck.

Its a method of Mind Control, in order to thwart your Spiritual progress.

The Problem is not the Bible itself ( in Greek at least ).

Its that Christs Teachings are mistranslated and have fallen into criminal hands...

They have been corrupted so badly, that only Mark Passio can train you out of it.


To the trained Occultist the Exoteric Golden Rule is outdated, like a piece of puzzle not being the true piece.

Its like a blunt tool, that doesn't do the work for you.


Its Esoteric use ( Or Initiated use for the Few )  is quite different:

Do unto Others as They want to be done to themselves.

This is probably what it says in Greek also, but I did not check this out yet.


The focus here lies upon asking, knowing and honoring your neighbours wishes instead of upon looking inside of you for answering the Question what do I want...


There are more of these Translated or culturally caused Mistakes:


Turn The Other Cheek:

To me this means: Tell the Truth according to Natural Law and your personal Perception.

Even when people hate you for it.

It does NOT mean: Let Yourself be abused like a damped rag.

Its about ENDING Oppression.

Not to cause Self Inflicted Suffering.


Dont Judge, Lest Ye Be Judged.

This does NOT mean to turn a blind eye to or to absolve Crime.

It means: Don't call "Bad" whats Good and Don't call "Good" whats Bad.


The New Testament is very Clear about Crime:

It should be dealt with according to correct disciplinary measures, without damaging the human himself, the one who made the mistake.

In times of Peace, the Justice System has to deal with criminals according to the customs of the place you live.


In War time its the same Unless:

Unless the person doing the crime commits a murder, treason, 

( treason is deliberately endangering the group to an enemy or dangerous situation ) or torture, which means, s/he should be lawfully sentenced to death.

Not because of the ( wo-)man himself but because of the safety of society.


If he or she is an active thief, or fraud, they must be warned 3 times, and if they dont feel regret ( and do not show the mentality and the choices worthy of regret ) they should be denied access to the group permanently, and charges must be filed.


A busted Peadophile should be Kicked immediately.

Is that not possible because of danger to his or her life..,

Imprison them until war is over.

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