Defense Against the Dark Arts 7: Occupation

Here follows a list of things to AVOID under occupation.


0) Avoid animous contact with Muslims, because they themselves or their families can be dangerous.

1) Avoid arguing with Creationists.

2) avoid wearing Religious symbols, cross, kippa, or shirts with a religious figure on it.

3) get rid of the Bible or islamCritical Books or Trinkets in your house. Hide the book on a safe place.

4) Dont visit Houses of Prayer.

Jewish, Christian, Or Muslim.

5) Dont go to suburbs after 7 pm which are dangerous after 7 pm.

6) Dont talk about Religion.

7) Dont talk about Islamic Occupation.

8 ) Dont try to convince people who keep denying.

9) Dont visit big events, like soccer matches or festivals.

10) Dont invest energy in waking people up, untill you understand Natural Law and discern in who wants to wake up...

11) try NOT to Lie to Yourself.

12) get rid of people who try to refute Natural Law all the time after PROPER explanation...

They are bad people who use Reason as a weapon against the Teaching.

13) please refrain from going into hiding when its still safe.


What can you DO....?


If you are Active on Social Media:

Dont discuss the subject on Facebook.

Set ALL your Facebook to "private" and kick all the people you see less than once every month...except if you can be free with them and trust them.

And kick the ones who cause trouble.

Anonymise your Twitter And other social Platforms for the safety of your friends and family.

Its Wise to be Cautious...


Focus on knowing yourself with Natural Law.

Go to the forest or to the beach often to return to your core self.

follow the next checklist...:


What can you DO?




Prepare your home for war.

Make armored safehouses.

and armour your car.

Make multiple storages in which you save 50 years of food and water.

Don't take ANY electronics to a shelter. ( Its mostly Wired ).



Make money.

Find a millionaire online. someone who teaches u to make money ONLINE.

more than 2000 euros a month.



Arm your self and your family with the best arms available.

with 50 years worth of ammo.

Train for the use of arms.


Self defense: Learn to Fight.

When fit and able, Go to a Krav Maga Dojo in your neighbourhood.

Or go to

And follow the instructions.



get needed medication for 50 years.

vaccines, medication, band aids or other supplies.


Help Others...

Including Creationists.


Stay with Your Abilities...

Dont do what You cannot do.





There's Something To Think About...


This is what we might be up against: 

Persecution, Terror,, Religious Fundamentalism, Satanism, Torture, getting Killed.

The point is:

Truth and Consciousness are our Saviour, and Christ depicts that in the Bible.

As explained before, I dont know if the Gospel is real.

There are many theories on Christ, and the answer I have come to realise is that all human concepts of Christ are false.

All I know is what I Hear, and the only thing that matters is the Teaching:

The Teaching is whats important .

Because we see we are only Living once, ( Biology ) we must choose our life to be alligned to Truth.

Because its Right.

Natural Law and Christ Consciousness ( science, combined with Consciousness and Conscience ) are the Truth, the Way and the Life...

All that matters is: We Are in the Same Team, no matter which ideas we believe...


Its Wise to accept that everybody has his own theory and experience, and its Wise lest we stop arguing about our own perceptions.


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