Defense Against the Dark Arts 8: Common Sense...


Natural Law is not one Law.

In fact, Natural Law is ALL laws of Physics and bodies of true knowledge combined.

Inside of humans and outside in the world.


This confuses many Natural Law freshman students.

This is because Mark Passio hammers upon one law of Physics:

Common sense.


He forgets one thing: The Human Aspect of the situation.


The Problem with Mark Passio is that I believe he has Autism.

He focuses on one thing and keeps hammering on it.

it is great for studying Natural Law.

But it misses the Humanity of the story.


The character Christ taught Natural Law to the biblical figures...

but He left the people who didnt want to know it; or those who did not know, out of that picture...


Why? Knowledge is discovery, Self discovery.

This means a student must be able and willing to accept the offered knowledge.

and not everybody is.

And thats fine.


What this page teaches is the human aspect of Natural Law, called Mercy.


Mercy is undeserved Kindness towards those who misunderstand or reject the knowledge offered upon this site.

"Humans are as Precious as the gold of Ofir".

( hebrew proverb ).


Undeserved Kindness is a state of being you can only achieve when you delve deep into yourself in order to know and accept yourself.


This seems impossible to some people, but it isnt.


All Humans are beautiful creatures whose intentions are always pure.

Their Actions may not be, but that is because of bad strategies and spiritual trauma.


sadly most People genuinely believe, wish or think that they have something positive to gain with bad decisions.

some murderers think they can get away with another crime by killing a witness.

some thieves believe they profit from a theft.


While In fact:

The murderer has nothing to gain, because of the nature of Natural Law .

He compounds only more trouble for himself by killing someone.

If he is blackmailed by the victim, telling the truth is mostly cheaper than the price of murder.

Yes he buys time, but the clock ticks and it will come to a showdown between behaviour, time and consequence...


The same applies to theft.

the thief loses trust, his dignity and in fact steals his own integrity and the emotional happiness of the victim.

All crimes have these kinds of consequences although you can get away with it for a while.

Crime damages your soul and intuition.

thats why its true that criminals who stop crime, become happier than criminals who continue to steal lie and deceive...

Why? Crime damages the soul...


but no criminal is "Bad".

they are convinced of the idea crime has a profit attached to it.

and to some extent i agree with them.

Its only human...


when you borrow money and don't repay it, you have got profit of what you bought for that money.

And if you have to repay it, and can't, you put the burden upon the lender.

So you are happy, become broke, you get financially sanitised and begin again.


The thing that makes somebody "Bad" is the deliberate rejection and resistance against Common Sense.

( when properly explained ).


Is Theft Profitable? No.

You are a moron, who sabotages entire society.

look at what happened in 2008...

( the Credit crisis )...

why? You undermine the entire financial system with your con job.

from an evolutionary point of view you are endangering the species, yourself and your offspring.

from a religious Perspective, you sin.

From a psychological Perspective, you act like a Dunce!.

and economically, you are a disaster...:

you destroy the entire Fun Fair just for a free ride.


i suggest you read the book called "Faust" on free money...


So, No. No crime ever is useful for you.


other people.

Besides the fact it doesnt benefit you, it doesnt benefit others aswell.

your spouse may end up alone with your kids when you are arrested for doing drugs.

Your kids might not understand why you are such an agressive man.

Your neighbours may hear your domestic violence and feel threathened and afraid of you 

Your colleagues wont trust you after stealing, lying or fraud.

And your freedom is in jeopardy because of your Crime.


Point proven: Crime is Stupidity.


Stupidity is a Sin.

But not everybody knows this...

take Prince Zuko for instance...


luckily he has his uncle...


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We, The West, sometimes are the fire nation...: