Etymology; The word "God" explained

Souissi-Theism explained...:


I believe "God" is something that is badly used in Churches and Synagogues....


But when You Understand the word, its something You can never ever refute.


You cant disproove the existance of "God", no matter how many science you know.



Well, its derived from the Hebrew word "Elohim".

( Strongs 4404 ).


To me It means all this things at the same time:


"the All Encompassing ( Scientific ) Reality" aswell as the Greek, Roman, Egyptian and all other "Gods" " Goddesses" and "the Israeli God".


This is not meant as lame Idol Worshipping...


It is meant as a recognition of their Spiritual and Ritual stories having value in the world, in order to celebrate life.

   ( That mindset actually is harmless forms of Wicca )


Most Mono-Theists believe God ( Elohim ) is outside Creation, which is emptyness...


I myself entirely do not buy the idea of a God/ Reality  outside of the Universe....


Atheists, do you also See the problem you have ...?


You cannot Refute Scientific Reality with fragments of Scientific Reality and be honest with yourselves at the same time...


ExtrEmely Simple:



"Reality is a Godly form of Consciousness, which manifests through Self Love, Love of Neighbours, Love of Consciousness, love of the Planets Seasonal Rhythm and Love of scientific Truth".


"Reality is Truth".

Truth is All Laws of Physics, containing all information our universe and everything in it.

Outside is emptyness

there is nothing outside the Universe...

We, through science, can connect with this energy when we start listening with our hearts instead of our minds...and through Scientific Study...".




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