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Online security...  




( Practical use of guns, fighting and handweaponry for groups.)


 ( How to deal with Police )


( First aid training )


( Basic Information Training ( Computers ) + a few hacks that can save your life )


Debating tricks.


( Basic Scouting Encampment Training )

( Rhetorics for now, Paid )

( Occult Training, Paid or free, depending on how far you want to go ) 

( From the Horse's Mouth...:

Listen and compare the info with the Natural Law pic of Right and  wrong on the Home Page... )

( resistance news )


 ( especially GO HERE )

( Free Occult Training from Mark Passio )

( Paid Spiritual and Mundane Schooling )

( Learn Critical Thinking, Paid )

( Verbal Communication Techniques, Paid)

Google search Queries:

( Warning: Read at your own risk ! Some of these books are Dangerous to people who aren't blessed with discernment abilities ).

( Bhagavad ) Gita.PDF





( garbage, but read it anyways so you can talk about it.!

Test it next to Natural Law...

Knowledge from The Horse's mouth...)

TheBookOfTheLaw.PDF ( Aleister Crowley )

written in Code. Read it AFTER fully watched ALL materials on

It is an english book.

Notice It contains hebrew coded scribblings.

This knowledge is found in the hebrew Bible, and is a sad expression of a sadly confused mind ( Aleister Crowleys ) trying to understand Natural Law....

Books of interest:

The open society and its enemies. ( Karl Popper ).

Harry potter, all volumes. ( J.K. Rowling ).

( Harry Potter can be seen as a Natural Law Student...) 



Ego is the Enemy! ( Ryan Holiday )

The Bible:

( 44 writers, some from Jewish viewpoint, others from the viewpoint that Christ is dead, but a mythological character called Jesus ( in the story ) was resurrected, alive and was an Atheist whom had contact with aliens ).

Hoe vang ik een Rat? ( richard engelfriet, Dutch ).

Its about debate at work.

( Minshu Liu wrote these three ) :.

The 38 New ways of being right. 

The Kings Mindset.

People Games.

And your local library.

Youtube videos of interest:

BodyCount God. ( Old Testament Jihadist God ).

The Philosophy of Freedom.

Big D schudt je wakker ( Dutch Protest Song about Privacy ).

"God is a criminal".

 "Miracles Israel" 

( Search Query, observe, look at the list of videos...).

Youtube Channels of interest:

TheDove ( Counseling )

Min Liu ( Debating skills )


SaddlebackChurch  ( practical sermons of Rick Warren...)

Mark Passio

The problem of Israel is not the Law nor the Prophets.

It is THIS 2.5M body count fake God entity, who is actually the REAL Satan...

There may be no God.

The Universe may be Empty.

And Christ may be just a Character of an ancient book.

Did he exist? It may be or may be not...

We dont know 4 sure...

This we can know:

The Teaching however contains Freedom...

The New testament Gospel character story as told by a writer who is not St Matthew...: ( He was a Greek Scholar, not a Tax Collector ).

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