Light: Debating the Indoctrinated...?

Many people are not open to Common Sense.

Although its their own problem, sometimes these people attack common sense...


The right labeled them "The Left" or "The Politically Correct ones".

It may be wise to look into a book called:

How to debate the left on Islam.

Its a link to the book on



It also may be wise to look at this video...

Also dont expect to always "win" the argument.

Many people arent interested in truth.

They are not interested in hearing they are wrong.

And some? They are not even interested in being honest.



Its more wise to care more about integrity than about being right.

If people keep resisting your true messages, well, just let it slide....

They don't know.

And you have tried to tell/show them.

So let it slide...

Its not your fault.

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