Light: Don't Force Your Opinion

People like Myself are used to being passionate about what we like, what we Appreciate and what we want.


Sadly this can lead to conflicts, broken relationships,

Fights and more, when we do not properly channel our Passion for Natural Law.


When we want to help people, sometimes we have to realise that people Don't understand or don't Want Natural Law, or are not open for it.

It is important to see that Natural Law is but a tool and not an Obligation.

I Lived for Years without Natural Law and I am glad I was allowed this freedom.

In Hindsight my approach to help people ( who dont wanted or needed to be helped ) was kinda crude.

This was because I was "Forcing my Opinions".

This simply means: "To Offer without consent" or in my case to keep talking about things that the people in question do not want because they just are not interested in Natural Law...


The Question offcourse arises:

If people keep resisting Common Sense knowledge

( Natural Law )... Are they honest with themselves?

Are they Trustworthy? Able?

And does their refusal of Common Sense Knowledge have negative Consequences for you?


It is a complex question that only You can answer, because some people are Honest, but not yet ready.

Others are just plain thugs, resisting Righteousness, because they Abdicate responsibility to a deity, a guru or their bad luck or "bad" genepool.


And others have just another honest way of seeing the world:

A way that is effective for them but is not in the symbolism of Natural Law...


It mostly does not do to "force your opinions" because it only creates resistance.


The Cause of the desire to "force" with me, however was: Passion.

Temper your Passion towards the people around you and instead, express it Online.

I made this Website to channel my desires properly and to teach the people who want to be here.


If you have too much of the desire to express your opinion:

Make a Blog, build a Youtube Channel, Write a Book...

You will see that people who like your vision will come to your content...:



And just dont mention Natural Law to those who resist it more often than 2 times...

It can cost you your Friendships, even when you think you are Right.

People are little islands connected by the Sea.

Your Island is not Theirs.

It may not feel fair, because You might like it...

But you have to respect that...

Build your own life instead.