Light: History of Magic

History of Magic...


Natural Law offcourse is older than Christianity.


What I believe as a Natural Law Anarch-ON-ist is that Justice brings forth Justice.

And that Injustice brings forth negative consequences....


I prefer the theory that the character called Jesus Christ lived according to Natural Law and is resurrected and beamed away by hidden forces.

This does not mean I Believe nor Reject it.


About the History of Natural Law:


It all started with Ancient Egypt, or as they called it; The Black Land.

There The Khemetians allready worked with the power of Natural Law.

Nature is derived from egyptian "Netere",  "Ne-cher" or "NTR" and means " Of Spirit" or "Of God".



The word "Alchemist" comes from the word "Al-Khem" which means: from the Black land, meaning Ancient Egypt.

Black refers to the Fruitfulness of the Nile, bringing life to Egypt.

They worked with the ancient god named Ma'ath, who was considered the God of Righteousness.

Ancient Israel has received these teachings through Rav Mosje, or as we call him, Moses.

The Teaching was also taught by Christ in the Sermon of the Mount.

Although there is no proof of this story being real, there is no wrong in thinking it is true.

It is one of many theories, and many say: Christ did exsist.

Others say: He did not.

A Third theory is that Scriptures are the Ancient teachings of Ma'ath and Horus, written down into ancient Arameic and Greek.

Which one is true?

That is not known to me.

And it might be important to know.


It is said that Christ taught Ma'ath to Israelites, and in doing so saves the world.

Is Jesus the Israeli Messiah?

I dont see that as a Religious theory, but as a scientific fact not because of Brown Noses Worship of a Monstruosity.

I do because He taught Righteousness and Mercy to people...


I think the biblical teaching of most churches cause more harm than good.

I favour the idea we only live once and then we die, but i respect beliefs that disagree with that assumption.

It may not what I favour, but that does not make it wrong...

People learn their own lessons, based upon their own spiritual backgrounds.


More About Natural Law:

It has always been there, but was believed to be discovered by Ancient Egypt, although Israel seemed to work with it, since Rav Mosje.

It is NOT invented by ANYONE, because laws of Physics only can be Discovered, not Invented...

Vid 2: the Logos is God.


Read John chapter one.

In the beginning The Word was God and God was Word.

( Greek translation ).


The Word is Natural Law.

The Word is also Science.

The Word is anyone perfectly following Natural Law with the right intentions.


The next groups of Occultists.

Some are Sorceres while others are Magicians:


The Knights Templar:

This is a knighthood of Christians who are considered a secret and hidden order of Occult Knights.

They are rumored to guard the Israeli Second Temple in Jerusalem.

And famous for organising the Resistance of 17 crusades against the 548 Jihadi invasions of Europe in Medievil times.


Vid 2 and 4:



This lodge system of Natural Law students derived from the Knights Templar, who say they as an organisation guarded the old Temple in Jerusalem.

The problem with the Freemasons is most of these houses are corrupted and Natural Law is not taught correctly anymore.

Many criminals hide in the Masons Lodges, because there is found much knowledge.

But this is what it used to be....( vid 3 ).

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