Light; Inner Resistance or Frustration...


Precautions against: 

Twisted Anger, Frustration or plain Resistance,

What Natural Law may trigger within You...


We all have Inner Resistance to things we want and at the same time dont want.


How do we solve this problem?

First: let go of the urge to resist resistance itself:

Let go of the need to control your inner person who disagrees with the wishes of a part of you that you favour.


This needs some explanation.

See yourself as containing a whole set of personalities, who all compete for desired needs and wants.

Look at it as a board Meeting:

Your resistance is caused by one or more of a set of members on your business ( which is: You ) isnt getting what they want or need.


This can not be solved by Democracy, which is forcing your opinion and ignoring the wishes of the minority voices within you in favor of the Majority.

Which leaves you frustrated.


It can also not be solved by dictatorship, which is just forcing your resistance against your resistance to go and doing something that is not right nor safe.

Which leaves you in danger.


So how do you solve this "problem"?


1) Acknowledge your Resistance.

2) Acknowledge any Resistance against your Resistance.

3) Acknowledge its You who is doing this.

4) Acknowledge that its okay to experience it.

5) Observe Your Resistance:

6) Ask yourself questions like:

Why am I feeling Resistance?

Which needs arent being met?

How can I reconcile myself with conflicts of interest?

What can I discuss with my Inner Board Meeting?

How can I give all their wants and needs, without compromising myself?

How can I let go of Resistance?

7) observe the Resistance by letting it be.

And ask: What Am I Resisting? And Why?

8) Let the Resistance flow through you.

9) i usually will feel Light after 10 to 20 minutes of repeating this exercise, untill my inner resistance is totally gone...

10) too frustrated? Take some distance to clear your head ...


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