Light: The 5-Pointed Star.

A tool for Fixing Problems from within...

The Star in the Picture:

It's a representation of Me ( and You )...

The "pentagram" is a  Greek word for 5 lines and in fact is a Star.

Its a tool I Use to see where I am stuck, when I experience problems.

There are 5 worlds you must conquer...for every spiritual problem..:


Earth is Knowledge.

Spirit is Mindset.

Fire is Choice, Body and Skill.

Air is Thoughts.

Water is Feelings and Emotions.


And the Lines or Paths that connect them are a river of your Happiness Energy.


The Energy starts at Earth and ends back there.

When you have a problem within yourself, it means one of these worlds has a closed water door.

Fix it; and you will become a Fountain of Life: At Least  on that problem.. 

The star can be useful for you aswell...



Its All About Knowledge: 

When You are confused by people that Attack you, insult you, play games with you, Deceive you or Abuse you, there might be a lack of 1 of these things.


A) Knowledge...

1) Knowledge of Natural Law.

2) Knowhow of Self

3) Knowhow of the Other.

4) Knowhow of Mindgames.

5) Knowhow of Surroundings.

6) Knowhow of Group Dynamics.

Fix this problem and you can go to "Mindset" Which is "Spirit" on the Star...


Its All About Mindset... 


When You Defend Yourself You Are most likely confronted with 2 things.

1) Someone who pushes your buttons on purpose.

2) Bad Psychology ( You ).

3) Bad Plans Of Action.

4) No Strategic Insights into the Possibilities and Dangers of Situations.

Especially Situations where You Encounter these people.


Its All About Action: 

You might lack one of these things....


1) Skill

2) Stamina

3) A Skilled Mentor ( Hobby, Sports, Martial Arts, Occult, Job, Family, Psychologist, Money Jockey or Other ).

4) Clear Vision ( of "Spirit" ).

5) a Great Set of Values ( of "Spirit" ).

6) Health ( Physically, Emotionally, Cognitively, or Mentally )

7) Money.



Its All About Thoughts: 

It is after Actions that Thoughts come.

They represent Air on the Star for a reason...

This is because you will have to know Earth, Spirit, and control Fire before you master your Air.


Malfunctions in Air are:

A: The Subject you try to master is new to you and it needs Training:

1) You dont Know what you want to do ( Earth ).

2) You Dont Know Why ( Spirit )

3) You Dont Know How to do it ( Fire ).


B: You are Lying To Yourself:

4) You Think you Know, but in fact: You dont...

5) Seldom: You are not able of doing this skill, because of your Lack of ability...( E.G. :

You're not good at math, but trying to force yourself creates problems ).


Malfunctioning Thoughts based in Air have mostly to do with one of these 4 options.







Water comes last, because with every thing you feel uneasy, you know you are lacking something.


If you feel great, then still there may be something wrong with what you "know"(Earth) your Vision (Spirit) and Your Actions (Fire).

But most of the time there will be something wrong in one of the 4 Elements before Water.

Why? Because bad choices stem from bad knowledge or bad mindsets.

Bad Thoughts stem from bad Mindsets...

And Bad Emotions are based upon Bad Thoughts.


Things that might be wrong:

1 ) Not thinking Positively. ( Spirit, Air )

2) Thinking Too Positively: Ignoring the Negative

( which secretly might destroy your Soul ). ( Spirit, Air )

3) The body: Eating, Sports, ( body = Action = Fire ).

4) Trying when it has no use. ( Also Fire ).

5) Blaming Yourself or Others. ( Spirit/ Air ).

6) Bad Mindset, Bad Gameplan ( Spirit ).

7) Bad Knowledge or Lack of Knowledge ( Earth ).

8) Bad Choices ( Fire ).

9) Too little or too much attention for your Emotions: 

Making some of them too important 

10) Not Achieving your Needs: Communication problems.



Don't lose yourself in doing this too much...

Let the Problems come to you...( Don't Chase them...).

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