Light: Christ and Allegory...

( Peer Reviewed Science ).

On this page, I will give you some scientific materials on Christ as shown within the gospels.


The discoveries in the video are the reasons

Why we believe in these 13 things, 

And  Why we think religious Fundamentalism

( Litteral Bible or Qur'an interpretation )

is wrong...


1) a Christ figure did exist, but probably died in India.


2) He did Not exist in the way the Gospels teach.

The Mythological Christ is just that: 

A myth...


3) Death Exists and it is Real and Final, but not a Threat.


4) The Real Christ was a Natural Law Occultist.

( best compare these kinds of people to an early kind of Scientist ).


5) He ain't coming back, He is dead.


6) We are under Serious attack of Islamic State, as predicted by The Apostles.


7) we cannot save the world anymore.

We only may live a life that blesses us and our neighbours.


8) A God outside Creation is not needed for sound Reasoning.


9) only within Creation you can find the Energy of God

and We are on our own.

10) We are here for ourselves, our families and our neighbours.


11) We have no obligations to God.


Natural Law, the Teaching of the Christ, therefore, is studied for the increase of our own liberties...


12) We are Free to do as we please, although our behaviours have light or severe Natural Law consequences we must reckon with...

13) we do not have to believe in a God outside Creation, because we believe that everything in Creation is divine...

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