Islamic State...

Or..The Why of Empowerment...

Briefly meditate upon this:


Be ware of false Prophets.

They come clothed like sheep, but from the inside, they are Ferocious wolves.

By their Fruits ( Wrong Actions ) you will know them.

Can anyone tell Oranges from Thorns, or Grapes from Thistles?

So by their actions you will know them:


Quote From:

Lord Jesus Christ...( Matthew 7:15 Bible, NIV, might not be entirely litterally in there )




it is unwise to approach the group of people, discussed down this page.

Also  trying something against them, or trying to convince them is a futile expedition.

These people are dishonest, and are Trained.

Some are Trained in things like Stage Magic, The Occult, Computer Hacking,

Satanic "BodyCount God" Judaism, Strategic Spiritual Warfare, Trickery like Cold Reading and Hot Reading, Money Laundering, Religious Deception, Creating Chaos, Natural Law, Debating Tricks, Terrorism, Technology, Lying and Scientific Narcissism.


Be ware: They use these fields of knowledge intertwined.


Their terrains are full of invisible traps to expose you...

when you do,  it can cost your life.


The playing field is NOT level at their lairs.

For Police And Prosecutors: Ask for the EMNI and datamine the results .

You will find that these people are an Iraqi Scientific  Team from the EMNI.

( Secret service of Islamic State ).

The King that these people want Dead...

Freedom is threathened from different parties...

The Right is all  about the State "Protecting" us. ( They have Daddy Issues ).

The Left is all about the State being our "Caretaker". ( They have Mommy Issues ).

Its not Right versus Left.

Its Right versus Wrong, because there lies true power:

Controlling the consequences of your choices by making better ones.

The best way is to know Right from Wrong according to Natural Law, and then choose the Right Actions.

Like Geert Wilders does in the video below.

Wilders is not perfect, but I'd rather have him than traitors Mark Rutte, Emanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, who let in more than A 100.000 ISlamic State Death Squads into the EU, with their EVIL Open Borders policy.

If you dont believe this, I suggest You google "Islamic State refugees" and count the ISlamic State fighters in ALL of the Search Results it produces...

Also Judith Sargentini is a real piece of work because she sustains open border policy in the EU, and so the EU is flooding with refugees and ISIS fighters...


To these SUPPORTERS AND ENABLERS OF OCCUPATION, MURDER AND TERRORISM I have said on Twitter and I'd like to say this on my Site...:

These are the Twitter Accounts of some of to me known evil world leaders...:

@Judithineuropa @Markrutte @Minpres @GuyVerhofstadt @TimmermansEU @pontifex ( the pope ).


The War on Truth...:

Why I believe that Judaism is Phoney and Dangerous...

I am not against people, but against dark Ideas...

The Dark Occultists Plan to take over the World with A hidden Jihad Army...

Google "Islamic State Fighters EU...".

Or "Islamic State Refugees EU".

Remember the WARNING on top of this page

Ask Wikipedia for the term "GeoEngineering" and Connect the Dots...


This picture is a link to the

CWAA-Self Defense Project.


The Antichrist is a Jihadist, who pretends to be a Christian Prophet.


1) Christ either was fiction, or an Atheist whom contacted Aliens.

We don't know 4 sure.

2) the Israeli Prophets and Apostles Practiced Natural Law.

3) Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostles are Testifyers of Natural Law through this Allegory ( YT Mark Passio Astrotheology...)

4) Both Islam and Judaism are false because of 3) and the body counter in the vid above.

5) Natural Law prooves itself.

6) The antichrist is a Jihadist, who together with an Islamic team of Occult Scientists ( of which some will call themselves Jesus ( ISA ) and Imam Mehdi )  are leaders Of ISlamic State...

7) they will get control over the World by using truth to attack the Righteous.

And they are leaders of a hidden Jihad Army.


8) The Solution?

All of us taking action, like Kevin from the movie Home Alone...


Famous Quote from the movie Home Alone.

After that, he plans and secures the hell out of his house.

Lets Begin securing our houses now, but Hide Not Just Yet! 


9) When do you Hide?

When the Antichrist profanes the Israeli temple which will soon be built in Jerusalem.

Soon after, he will show his Jihad Army and take over the World except for Israel.

Hide and when neccesary... only defend yourself.

Don't Attack the Jihadists if they arent looking for

( finding ) you...!

Doing so WILL almost CERTAINLY get you KILLED!


Natural Law = The best tool for attaining Righteousness.

We all have sinned and now its our job to become just and moral beings again.

This means to me that symbolically means that the character called Jesus Christ died to give us the knowledge of Natural Law...


Greek 666 in the Circle...

Also Read Revelation chapter 13 in Greek...


( Sadly these Symbols are only found in the Septuagint, the oldest Greek Translation of the New Testament... 

The link only refers to greek symbols when you enter: 

Rev 13:17-18

Theres something to think about...

Moral relativism...:

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ExtrEmely Simple:

This should not even come as a Surprise:

Even The ministers of Darkness will be pretending 2B Ministers of Righteousness.

Bible...2 thessalonians chapter 2.