Islamic State...

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                     Or..The Why of Empowerment...

Briefly meditate upon this tekst from a Practical point of view...:

Islamic State is a kind of voldemort army.

I believe They are predicted in the bible and that the Apostles warned for this.


I will put some videos below to explain about Prophecy and the Enemy...



LINK ( dutch Article about EMNI ( ISIS Command Structure / Secret Service ).


Link ( English Article with almost same data ).


Sources: Google.com

Evil rules the world according to Christ.

I dont know if that is true.

It certainly seems that way....

The King that evil people want Dead...

I believe Christ is dead.

And His teachings are relevant to this day.

According to the New Testament, He warned of a conspiracy of the Dark Side.

The Dark Side wants to turn the world into Jihadists with a hidden Jihad Army.

There are Politicians in Europe, who are allowing this to happen.

To them I'd like to say the same as Professor Dumbledore in the next video:

I am also active on Twitter.

My Twitter account is:

StupidityIsASin @Nuhelaasanoniem


What so sadly is going on, is a war between two groups of occult scientists.

of which one group wants to change you, me, our family and our friends into a jihadist...

I am not against people, but against dark Ideas...

I don't think Israeli or Arabic religionists are evil.

I do think many of their Ideas are and sadly it makes them evildoers...


According to the Bible, this is The Dark Occultists Plan:

To take over the World with A hidden Jihad Army...and a "Christian" "Prophet, who transfers the attention of the people of Earth  to the leader of a terror group like Islamic State.


Google "Islamic State Fighters EU...".

Or "Islamic State Refugees EU".

Ask Wikipedia for the term "GeoEngineering" and Connect the Dots...


This picture is a link to the

CWAA-Self Defense Project.


The Picture below shows the Greek symbols that are found in the Bible.

The same symbols as the Arabic "Bis'Millah".

They are translated with 666.

However: The text does not say 666 in Greek.


This is the greek word for word text translation...:

Revelation 13:17-18

Source: www.biblehub.com


"He that has understanding, reckon ( keep alert of ) the Multitudes ( People ) of the Beast:

His Multitudes (unknown, probably: Wear) a badge of servitude ( Charagma ) upon the Right Arm ( Dexios ) or Forehead, which says:  In the Name Of Allah".

Theres something to think about...

Moral relativism...:

ExtrEmely Simple:


Six, The Mark Unleashed.

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