Why I love Truth...:

1) It creates Freedom.

2) It created Clarity.

3) It creates Happiness.

4) It creates consciousness 

5) It changes the Hearts of people positively.

6) It destroys Slavery.

7) Truth becomes Me after practicing Natural Law.

8) It creates good Relationships

9) It creates a positive Mindset.

10) my Attitude becomes more positive every day.

11) It keeps me off of drugs, crime, violence and Stupidity.

12) I feel Alive.

13) I learn something.

14) I am getting to know myself.

15) I see my mistakes and correct them.

16) I made a website.

17) I love Justice.

18) I love You.

19) I love Myself.

20) I love Life.

21) I hate Crime.

22) I hate resistance against Truth.

23) I am acquiring more integrity every day.

24) I feel free.

25) I feel Empowered.

26) I feel Passionate.

27) I feel able.

28) I feel Conscious.

29) I feel A feeling I cannot explain.

30) I feel in love with Myself.

31) I feel excited.

32) I feel Liberated.

33) I feel Just.

34) I feel acceptance.

35) I feel Happy.

36) I feel Light as a feather.

37) I feel love.

38) I feel Liberty.

39) I feel ...

40) I am Courageous.

41) I expose Darkness.

42) I protect my readers.

43) I love the people.

44) I Do like I Think Like I feel.

45) I act out of Integrity.

46) I conquer my Fears.

47) I become able to love myself.

48) I accept myself.

49) I enjoy the Presence of the Lord.

50) I enjoy Freedom.

51) I enjoy Justice.

52) I enjoy Life.

53) I enjoy Learning.

54) I enjoy feeling happy.

55) I enjoy exposing Evil.

56) I enjoy loving my Neighbours.

57) I enjoy Life.

58) I enjoy Myself.

59) I dont think, feel and do.

Instead I feel, think and do ..

60) I feel The Energy of Christ consciousness within myself.


Just a few things ...


So whats truth?

I sometimes believe and sometimes I am rational.

I try to keep an open mind.


Whats Not truth?

1) religion. Including Christianity.

2) Worship: Its Brown Nosing.

3) Prayer tinkering: praying for things that create suffering or with an unsincere heart.

4) Denying the ways of the succesfull Experts.

5) Studying yourself into oblivion.

6) seeing the Bible in a context that leads to slavery.

7) Seeing the Bible as a way to guide your Moral Compass ( leads to confusion ).

8) reading the Saints and the Prophets without a calm mindset.

9) New Age.

10) Too strict Occultism.

11) Creationism.

12) Hatred towards people that do no harm.

13) Buying in to the lies of Islam.

14) disrespecting boundaries.

15) expecting things that are not reality.

16) rejecting parts of Inner Reality.

17) ignoring negative things.

18) Ignoring Science.

19) Ignoring Self.

20) repressing fear, anger, sadness.

21) being too much alone.

22) Trusting everyone.

23) Trusting No One.

24) agression.

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